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Level 8 (CEFR B1)

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Lección 4, Tema 5
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Lesson 4 – Step 5 – Class material

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It’s time for your class. Your teacher will guide you through this content so you can make the most of it. Keep this page open during your virtual lesson.

1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson. 

  1. Perform or describe these actions:
    1. whistle
    2. bite
    3. stare
    4. kick
  2. How can we use can’t, might, and must?

2. For each sentence, choose the correct option?

Remember !! 
must = you are certain or almost certain 
can’t = certain something is not true 
might / may / could = possibility 

A. Tom is late for work; he (could / can’t) be stuck in traffic.

B. Will is having a bad day at work. He (can’t / must) be angry. 

C. Tommy ate lots of junk food. He (must/can’t) be full.

D. Henry had a nightmare last night. He (may / must) be tired. 

E. The new employee doesn’t talk to anyone. She (might / can’t) be shy. 

3.  Use (might / must / can’t) in the following sentences.

  1. You ________ remember the day we married, right?
  2. He is only 10 year old. He ______ know everything.
  3. ______ you visit your grandad today? He is feeling ill. 
  4. She is off work this morning, she _____ have some spare time.
  5. Luke Skywalker would always say: _____the force be with you.

4.   Look at these pairs of pictures. Try to make assumptions about the situations: Who are they? Where are they? Why are they there? Find similarities and differences between the pictures. Then answer the questions on top.

Why are the people enjoying these experiences?

How do these people feel about being together?

5.   Discuss.

  1. Do you enjoy cooking? Did you cook with your family when you were a small child?
  2. How do you balance work/study and having fun?


We’ve finished the class for today. Do you want to keep practising? Brilliant! You will find some extra practice in the next step. Try to complete the exercises in the next few days.