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Level 8 (CEFR B1)

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Lesson 7 – Step 5 – Class material

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It’s time for your class. Your teacher will guide you through this content so you can make the most of it. Keep this page open during your virtual lesson.

1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson.

What is the second conditional?

How do you form it?

We use the second conditional to talk about unreal situations in the present or future. 

Second conditional sentences are made up of two clauses, an ‘if + past simple’ clause, and a ‘would / wouldn’t + infinitive’ clause. 

NOTE – A second conditional sentence can begin with either clause, but if it begins with an ‘if’ clause, you need to separate the two clauses with a comma.

2. Put the verb in the correct form to complete each sentence.

  1. If global warming continues, temperatures (rise) even higher. 
  2. What would you do if you (win) a million dollars? 
  3. If people stopped using cars completely, there (be) much less pollution. 
  4. When it (rain) again, I won’t forget to bring my umbrella. 
  5. If I spoke English fluently, I (not/need) to take lessons. 
  6. If Siberia (not/be) so cold, I’d go there in winter. 
  7. Tom will be at the party tonight. If I see him, I (say) hello. 
  8. If it (not/rain) so much in England, you wouldn’t see so many umbrellas. 
  9. Where (you/live) when you move out of your flat? 
  10. If you (can) choose any company, which company would you like to work for? 

3. Complete the second conditional sentences.

1. If he (have)……..  more fans, he (play)……..  at bigger venues.

2. The flowers (grow)……..  if you (water)……..  them more.

3. Jack (move)…..  out if he (go)…..  to university.

4. We (get)……  a pool table if our house (be)…….  bigger.

5. My life (be)…..  easier if I (have)…..  a car.

6. If the students (pay)…..  more attention in class, the teacher (not/be)…..  so frustrated.

7. If I (not/have)…..  a serious job, I (dye)…..  my hair pink.

8. You (save)…..  so much money if you (not/eat)…..  out all the time.

9. I (not/be)…..  so stressed if you (help)……  me sometimes.

10. If you (ask)…..  them nicely, they (not/be able to)…..  say no.

4.  Imagine you were the president. What would you do about these situations?

The Environment 



Crime and Punishment

5. Watch the video and do the tasks.


We’ve finished the class for today. Do you want to keep practising? Brilliant! You will find some extra practice in the next step. Try to complete the exercises in the next few days.