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Learn Chinese, Japanese & Korean... ¡in less than 8 months!

  • With our method you will be speaking Chinese from the start. Learn Chinese easily and fast.

  • Take video conference lessons to learn Chinese, Japanese or Korean with a private teacher.

  • Expand your knowledge and study now the language most widely spoken in the world, with 1186 million speakers. A growing number each day of companies value this language. Stand out!

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¿Why study in Hanyu Chinese School?

Because in Hanyu Chinese School we are transparent.
Since time is precious, we want you to make good use of it. So we propose you a challenge: to learn Chinese or any other eastern language in less than 8 months. Do you accept the challenge?

Let's start

  1. Ask for a personal interview with a free private class. In it we will explain you which is our method and we will evaluate your level.
  2. We will see how you can reach your goals and prepare material of your interest so that you can learn Chinese or any other language enjoying tha class.

Tell us about your needs and what kind of course do you want to take.

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Your son or daugther will learn chinese up to 3 times faster

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3 reasons to learn Chinese with Hanyu

We have motivated students

Regular practices

Weekly one-to-one classes to succeed in your progress.

Personal coaching

A personal coach will accompany you along your progress making sure you reach your goals. He will get in touch with you during the week and help you engage in immersion activities like exercises, videos and audios

A flexible schedule

You will be able to study with your teacher at a time convenient for you.

We use new technology

Virtual Campus

Practice just anywhere at any time. Virtual campus 24/7, available 365 days so that you don’t skip a day without doing some exercise or watching videos to have a full immersion in the language using our method (books, apps, videos, games)


There's a whole world outside the classroom: we have created our own animated videos, audios, online games, and exercises of all kinds, all in mandarin Chinese so that you enjoy learning and look forward to studying every day.

We are a professional and commited team


Carefully selected vocabulary. 2500 essential Chinese words chosen according to level and frequency order. The aim is to speak much from the start.


One–to–one classes in which an experimented teacher will talk to you and write simultaneosly 4x1: hearing comprehension, reading, writing and speaking all in the same session.


We train your listening to improve your understanding. You will learn to speak and write 3 times faster.

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¿Why learn Chinese?

Do you still don’t know why to learn Chinese? Find out why it is so important to learn Chinese.

¿how do I know that it's a successful method?

Many of our students can’t help but speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean all day long. Don’t you believe me? See the progress of one of our Chinese students in our Reels in Instagram. Trust us. You can learn Chinese, Korean or Japanese faster than you ever dreamt of. It works.

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Learn Chinese for free with our Youtube channel and find out how our famous Masterclass are like. 

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We worked for years to have our Campus, but it was worth the efforts and we are really proud of it: we have the best Online Campus to learn Chinese. Do you want to take a look?

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Please, see what our students think about us in Google and Trustpilot. We know that our method is successful, so we would love to  help your to learn Chinese in record time.

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