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Lección 1, Tema 40
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Lesson 5 – Step 4 – Class material

Este contenido lo utilizarás en clase junto a tu docente.

Complete the sentences orally:

    1. Spain ________ a nationality. ___________ a country.
    2. Chinese _________ a nationality. ___________ a country.
    3. The UK ___________ a nationality. __________ a country.
    4. ____________________ at home today. I’m at work.
    5. _____________________ happy today. I’m sick!
    6. My parents ____________________ at work. They are at home, watching TV.

Answer the questions with short answers:

    1. Are you American? (no)
    2. Are you from China? (yes)
    3. Are you sick? (no)
    4. Is your brother 32 years old? (yes)
    5. Are your brothers at home? (no)
    6. Is your mobile blue? (yes)
    7. Is she British? (yes)
    8. Are your parents tired? (no)

Write questions using the verb Be and who, what, where, when or why:

    1. Tokyo is in Japan.
    2. Tony is my Brother.
    3. My office is near the hospital.
    4. The children are in bed beause they are sick.
    5. It is cold in July in Argentina.
    6. It is hot in December in Argentina.
    7. Her name is Katryna.

Practice asking and answering these useful questions:

What’s your name? – My name is… / I’m…

Where are you from? – I’m from (country) / I’m (nationality)

How old are you? – I’m (…) years old

What do you do? – I’m a…

What day is it today? – It’s…