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Lección 1, Tema 88
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Lesson 1 – Step 5 – Class material


It’s time for your class. Your teacher will guide you through this content so you can make the most of it. Keep this page open during your virtual lesson.

1. Role-play the dialogue from step 1. What do the expressions in blue mean?

2.  Do you know any other love stories? Think about films or books for example. What happened? What made it so special to you?

3.  Look at the following scenes: What is the difference between the pictures? What questions could they be asking each other?

first date:
40th Anniversary

4. Look at the following images and guess what their  relationships are:

5. Have you or someone you know ever been in love? How did you/they meet? Discuss.


We’ve finished the class for today. Do you want to keep practising? Brilliant! You will find some extra practice in the next step. Try to complete the exercises in the next few days.