Lección 16, Tema 40
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Lesson 10 – Step 4 – Class material

[EXPLICACIÓN DE LECCIÓN] ¡Ya es hora de tu clase! Tu profesor te guiará para sacarle el máximo provecho a este material. Mantén esta página abierta durante la lección. [TÍTULO 2] 1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson. [TÍTULO 2] 2. Choose a verb from the list on the right to complete the following sentences. Write the verb in the past tense. Use each verb only once. • change visit paint travel listen help arrive learn watch play wait [TEXTO SIMPLE 2] The boys ________________ baseball at school. Robert ________________ his wife wash the dishes. We ________________ our living room a soft blue color. Susan ________________ TV for two hours last night. We ________________ planes on the way to New York. She ________________ for him for 20 minutes at the coffee shop. He ________________ how to swim when he was a child. They ________________ all around the country three years ago. The students ________________ late for class. We ________________ to the radio until midnight. [TÍTULO 2] 3. Now read the sentences in exercise 2 in the negative form. [TEXTO SIMPLE 2] e.g: The boys didn’t play baseball at school. [TÍTULO 2] 4. Write five questions using the verbs from step 1. Then ask and answer them with your partner/teacher. [EXPLICACIÓN DE LECCIÓN] ¡Bien hecho! Hemos terminado la clase por hoy. Pero no te preocupes, en el próximo paso te dejamos algunos ejercicios para practicar lo que has aprendido.