Lección 16, Tema 40
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Lesson 11 – Step 4 – Class material

[EXPLICACIÓN DE LECCIÓN] ¡Ya es hora de tu clase! Tu profesor te guiará para sacarle el máximo provecho a este material. Mantén esta página abierta durante la lección. [TÍTULO 2] 1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson. [TÍTULO 2] 2. Read the text. What places did Fred and Sarah visit? [TEXTO SIMPLE 2] Fred and Sarah went out on Friday. First, they went to an art gallery. They both liked the Picasso paintings a lot. Then they walked in the park and had an ice-cream. In the evening, they went to a Japanese restaurant. They read the menu and Fred ordered sushi. Sarah ordered teriyaki. After that they walked home. It was cold, so Fred gave Sarah his jacket. Suddenly, it started to rain, so they ran to a cafè. They saw a delicious cake so they ordered a piece and 2 coffees. Finally, it stopped raining so they went back home. [TÍTULO 2] 3. Identify regular and irregular verbs in the past [TÍTULO 2] 4. Ask and answer questions about the text. [TEXTO SIMPLE 2] e.g: What did Fred and Sarah do on Friday? – They went out. [TÍTULO 2] 5. Talk about what you did this week. [EXPLICACIÓN DE LECCIÓN] ¡Bien hecho! Hemos terminado la clase por hoy. Pero no te preocupes, en el próximo paso te dejamos algunos ejercicios para practicar lo que has aprendido.