Lección 16, Tema 40
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Lesson 12 – Step 4 – Class material

[EXPLICACIÓN DE LECCIÓN] ¡Ya es hora de tu clase! Tu profesor te guiará para sacarle el máximo provecho a este material. Mantén esta página abierta durante la lección. [TÍTULO 2] 1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson. [TÍTULO 2] 2. Rewrite the sentences using possessive pronouns. [TEXTO SIMPLE 1] Is that your bag? Is that ________________? 2. That is Maria’s credit card. That credit card is ______________ 3. This is our house. This house is ____________________ 4. The professor’s bag is on the desk The bag on the desk is ____________ 5. That is my coat. The coat is ______________ 6. Martin left a key on the chair The key on the chair is ____________ 7. That is Sarah’s bike That bike is _________________ 8. That is my laptop on the desk The laptop on the desk is ___________ 9. These glasses are Wendy’s. These glasses are ______________ 10. This money is my parent’s This money is ________________ [TÍTULO 2] 3. Read the text. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. [TEXTO SIMPLE 1] mine(x2) theirs ours our hers his(x2) my us Hi, (1)__________ name is Karen. I live with my family in Kent, Great Britain. I have two brothers, George and Kylian. My room is not very big, but (2) __________ is quite big. They have a fast computer, but (3)__________is slow.(4) __________parents bought new phones for themselves yesterday. (5)__________ phone is blue and (6) __________ is pink. They bought (7)__________ new phones last month too. They aren’t blue or pink like their phones; (8) __________ are all black, George wanted a red phone, so he doesn’t like (9)__________, but I like (10)__________ [TÍTULO 2] 4. Student A look at picture A. Student B look at picture B. Ask questions to find objects you have in common. Then ask about more details. [TEXTO SIMPLE 2] E.g: A-There is a credit card in my bag. Is there a credit card in yours? B- Yes, there is. Mine is blue. What colour is yours? [TEXTO SIMPLE 1] Picture A [imagen A] [TEXTO SIMPLE 1] Picture B [imagen B] [EXPLICACIÓN DE LECCIÓN] ¡Bien hecho! Hemos terminado la clase por hoy. Pero no te preocupes, en el próximo paso te dejamos algunos ejercicios para practicar lo que has aprendido.