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Level 3 (CEFR A2)

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Lección 14, Tema 2
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Lesson 14 – Step 2 – A Job Interview

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Lesson 14 – Step 2 – A Job Interview


Veamos una entrevista de trabajo. Luego analizaremos qué expresiones utilizar y cómo en una entrevista.

Te dejamos un vídeo, o si lo prefieres puedes pasar directamente a la explicación escrita. ¡Tu decides!

Cuando hayas terminado, puedes dirigirte al paso 3.

(colocaremos un video propio que estará disponible mas adelante)




interviewerHello! You must be Matthew. I’m Joceline
intervieweeIt’s nice to meet you, Joceline. Thank you for having me.
interviewerIt’s nice to meet you too. Shall we begin with some questions?
interviewerTell me about yourself.
intervieweeI’m 42. I live two streets from here with my family: my wife and two children. I’m a family man. My family is everything to me, really. 
interviewerWhat are your strengths as a worker?
intervieweeErm… I’m approachable; people come to me for help. I’m also hardworking, and very punctual; I’m never late to work.
interviewerWhat is one weakness you have?
intervieweeI’m a little chatty. I like to talk, but I never let it interfere with my work.
interviewerDo you have any experience working in sales?
intervieweeI worked as a car salesperson for two years. It was a part-time job.
interviewerOK, and… What’s your availability?
intervieweeI’m very available, but I can’t work on Wednesday or Saturday evenings
interviewerWhen can you start?
intervieweeI can start in two weeks. I have to give my employer two weeks’ notice.
interviewerDo you have any questions for me?
intervieweeDo you have a dress code or a uniform?
interviewerThere is no uniform in our company. Our employees can wear casual clothes. OK, that will be all, thank you very much. We will contact you soon if we have a position to offer.
intervieweeI hope so. I really appreciate it. Have a good day.
interviewerYou too.


A job interview


Algunas expresiones que pueden surgir en una entrevista de trabajo son:

you must be…debes ser…
it’s nice to meet youencantado de conocerte
describe yourselfdescríbete
What are your strengths and weaknesses?¿Cuáles son tus fortalezas y debilidades?
Do you have any experience?¿Tienes experiencia?
What’s your availability?¿Cuál es tu disponibilidad horaria?
When can you start?¿Cuándo puedes empezar?
two weeks’ noticedos semanas de aviso
we will contact you soonpronto nos pondremos en contacto contigo


¿Has terminado? ¡Bien hecho! Dirígete al paso 3. Allí encontrarás material para practicar lo que hemos visto hasta aquí.