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Lección 1, Tema 87
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Lesson 14 – Step 4 – Class material


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1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson.


2. Listen to Tim and his mother, Karen, talking about Tim’s chores for the week. What did Tim forget to do?

[Audio de diálogo – El texto se puede colocar quizás en forma de tarjeta, teniendo que hacer click en una flecha para poder verlo o algo por el estilo]

Tim: Mom, can I play video games now?

Karen: Have you done all your chores for the week?

Tim: Let me see my list… do my homework… Yes, I have done all my homework. Study for maths test… I  have studied for my maths test next week. Tidy up your room… I’ve tidied up my room, yes. Buy chicken for dinner. I have bought the chicken. Help Sarah with her homework… I have done that too. I’ve finished everything, mom!

Karen: Really? and have you fed the cats?

Tim: Feed the cats… Oh no! I forgot to write it on my list! They must be really hungry!

Karen: Don’t worry! They’re OK. I knew you hadn’t fed them, so I fed them.

Tim: Thanks mom, you’re the best!

Karen: You’ve done very well Tim. Now you can play video games.


3. What chores has Tim done?


4. Make questions with “Have you ever…” and write them down.


  • paint your house
  • buy something expensive
  • sell a mobile phone
  • sleep more than 12 hours
  • run 5 kms or more
  • make dinner for more than 10 people
  • see a car accident?
  • write a poem or song


5. Now ask and answer the questions. Give details.


When we mention when something happened , we use the past simple.
For example:
I have written 2 poems. I wrote one poem last month.


¡Bien hecho! Hemos terminado la clase por hoy. Pero no te preocupes, en el próximo paso te dejamos algunos ejercicios para practicar lo que has aprendido.