Lección 16, Tema 40
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Lesson 4 -Key

Step 4 key buy love (x2) take eat listen to like Hi Roger, This is my big sister Jane. I love her. She always takes me to the park and buys us/me ice-cream and we eat it/them together. We like listening to the radio. We listen to it every day. She likes Justin Bieber, but I don’t like him. I prefer The Killers, I love them. tell (x2) visit give love (x2) We call our grandfather every week, and we visit them once a month. He always gives us sweets, and we eat them all day. He tells us how much he loves us, and we tell him how much we love him. remember know call Last week I met someone called Jessica Cowel. Do you know her? She says she remembers you . Maybe I can call you tomorrow and we can talk.