Lección 16, Tema 40
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Lesson 4 – Step 4 – Class material


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1. Revision of vocabulary and grammar of this lesson.


2. Look at the picture. Imagine you are Laura. Introduce the members of your family. Do you love them?

[Se agregarán la imágen del árbol genealógico de A1.1 lesson 8]


e.g: These are my parents: Clara and Tom. I love them.


3. Read the text together and fill in the blanks with one of the verbs in the box and an object pronoun.


buy  love (x2)     take eat   listen to       like 

Hi Roger,

This is my big sister Jane. I _____________. She always _____________ to the park and _____________ ice-cream and we _____________ together. We like listening to the radio. We _____________ every day. She likes Justin Bieber, but I don’t _____________. I prefer The Killers, I _____________.

tell (x2)        visit  give love (x2)

We call our grandfather every week, and we _____________ once a month. He always _____________ sweets, and we eat them all day. He _____________ how much he _____________, and we _____________ how much we _____________.

remember   call  know  

Last week I met someone called Tom Cowel. Do you _____________? He says he _____________ . Maybe I can _____________  tomorrow and we can talk.


4. Talk together about things you like and don’t like. Talk about music, films, singers, bands, actors, etc.


¡Bien hecho! Hemos terminado la clase por hoy. Pero no te preocupes, en el próximo paso te dejamos algunos ejercicios para practicar lo que has aprendido.