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Level 4 (CEFR A2)

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  1. Lesson 1 | How was your day?
    6 Temas
  2. Lesson 2 | How many bedrooms were there in your old house?
    6 Temas
  3. Lesson 3 | What did the robbers look like?
    6 Temas
  4. Lesson 4 | What were you doing last night at 11 p.m.?
    6 Temas
  5. Lesson 5 | Was there any ice-cream in the fridge ?
    6 Temas
  6. Lesson 6 | This film was the best?
    3 Temas
  7. Lesson 7 | I used to love Mondays
    3 Temas
  8. Lesson 8 | What are you going to do on Sunday?
    3 Temas
  9. Lesson 9 | You’re driving really slowly!
  10. Lesson 10 | I’ve never tried that before!
  11. Lesson 11 | She’s visited Coney Island!
  12. Lesson 12 | Will you do it?
  13. Lesson 13 | You will, if you try!
Lección 8, Tema 1
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Lesson 8 – Step 1 – Reading

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Level 4


Lesson 8 – Step 1 – Reading


Comencemos la lección con un poco de lectura. Puedes leerlo tú solo o puedes reproducir el audio y seguir la lectura. 

Una vez hayas terminado, puedes ir al siguiente “step”.


The Weekend


Jane: What are you going to do on Sunday?

Matthew: I think I’m going to stay at home and relax.

Jane: You’re not going to fix the car? 

Matthew: I’m going to do that on Saturday. What are you going to do on Sunday?

Jane: I think I’m going to sleep late and then have a relaxing bath. 

Matthew: That sounds like a good plan…

Jane: What is your sister going to do with the money she won?

Matthew: When we were young, she always wanted to travel to China; maybe she’s going to do that too.

Jane: That sounds wonderful… When are we going to travel to China?

Matthew: When we win “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

Jane: We are not going to win that. We never know any of the questions when we watch it on TV.

Matthew: Oh, look at that lightning! It’s going to rain soon.

Jane: Oh, dear. Did you bring the umbrella?

Matthew: Erm… I forgot! Sorry.

Jane: (sigh) We are going to get wet…




¿Qué tienen en común las oraciones resaltadas en azul?

¿Se refieren al presente, pasado o futuro?

Encontrarás las respuestas en el paso 3


        ¿Has terminado? ¡Muy bien! Dirígete al paso 4.