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Level 6 (CEFR A2+)

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  1. Lesson 1 | Writing an Informal Email or Letter
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Lesson 1 – Step 2 – Writing an informal letter or an email

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Let’s learn how to structure and write an informal letter or email correctly. We will discuss a few tips to improve your writing. When you finish this lesson, you’ll love writing emails.

Why write an email?

We normally send informal emails to see how our friends and family are doing. In our email we start by saying things like:

How are you doing lately? / How are things? I hope everything is okay. Long time no see. 

When we get to the end of our email we usually encourage the other person to reply; so we can say things like: 

Hope to hear from you soon. Keep in contact. Hope you reply soon.

Top tips for writing emails

Use standard expressions to start and finish your emails like:

Dear.. / Hi.. 

Really looking forward to hearing from you. 

Kind regards

Use different paragraphs to express different ideas. Remember the question in step 1?

In the first paragraph Laura explains who she is and why she is writing.

In the second paragraph she mentions a good memory she had of their friendship. 

In the last paragraph she gives information about her and asks for information about her friend.

Use informal words and expressions 

It’s / I’m (contractions)

How are you doing? 

In fact…

Dear Emma,

It’s Laura Thompson. We used to go to the same school many years ago. You might be wondering why I’m writing to you. I saw Jack Carson the other day, and I asked him for your email address.

You were my best friend.  You were so kind to me, you always helped me. Do you remember the day I wanted to free the mouse from that bully and you helped me? In the end, you saved both me and  the mouse.

How are you doing? Did you become a violinist like you always wanted? As for me, I became a veterinarian. I’m still passionate about animals; in fact, I have my own clinic and I’m always very busy. I still live in the same place where we met and I am still single, I spend too much time with the animals to go out on dates. Where do you live now? Are you still in London? Do you have a family?  

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



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