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Level 6 (CEFR A2+)

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  1. Lesson 1 | Writing an Informal Email or Letter
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Lección 8, Tema 1
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Lesson 8 – Step 1 – Reading

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Let’s start the lesson with some reading. You can read it on your own or play the audio and follow along.

Once you have finished, you can go to the next step.

Playing Family Feud

Jane: Oh I’m so bored, Matthew. Do you want to play a board game?

Matthew: Alright, how about Family Feud? The one we bought last month.

Jane: That sounds like a great idea. Can you remember what the game was about?

Matthew: Yes! You pick a card, read the question and the other person has to guess what most people in the survey answered. 

Jane: Great. Let’s play with this category: animals. Let me pick the first one… The question is: where would you live if you were a horse?

Matthew: Well… If I were a horse, I would live in the mountains

Jane: In the mountains? There aren’t that many horses in the mountains. Only 3 people answered “in the mountains”, so you get 3 points. The most popular option was on a farm or stable.

Matthew: At least it’s 3 points… Here is my card… If you were a butterfly, what colour would your wings be? 

Jane: ‘Hmm’, let me think about that for a minute… If I were a butterfly, I would certainly be yellow. But I think blue is a more popular colour… So my answer is blue. 

Matthew: Oh, you’re so good at this… It’s 45 points for you. It was the most popular option. Anyway, I can’t imagine you as a butterfly. 

Jane: Believe me, I can’t picture you as a butterfly.


Jane: OK, your next question is: If you had an exotic animal, what would it be?

Matthew: That’s easy. I’d have a lion!



What do the phrases in blue have in common?

What do the phrases in green have in common?

The answers are in  step 3.


Have you finished? Then you can move on to step 2.