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Level 6 (CEFR A2+)

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  1. Lesson 1 | Writing an Informal Email or Letter
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Lección 5, Tema 1
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Lesson 5 – Step 1 – Reading

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Let’s start the lesson with some reading. You can read it on your own or play the audio and follow along.

Once you have finished, you can go to the next step.

I’m not feeling really well…

Tom: Mum, I’ve got a stomach ache. 

Mum: Oh no, you shouldn’t eat so many candies. Don’t tell me you have eaten all the sweets auntie Jane gave you yesterday!

Tom: Well, mmmh, yes. I’m sorry mum. My tummy is really hurting. I don’t know what to do?

Mum: Let me have a look. I will prepare you something warm to drink. You should drink some chamomile tea!

Tom: No, mum, I hate chamomile tea. 

Mum: Youd better drink that tea or you won’t eat any cake tomorrow at your grandparents’ house.

Later that day

Mum: Hi honey, back home? How was your day?

Dad. Well, not too good. I have got a terrible headache.

Mum:  Oh no. Do you want to take some medicine?

Dad: No, thanks. I’ll be fine.

Mum: You really should get more rest honey. You are working too hard. 

Dad: You are right. Maybe I should just go to bed and get some sleep. 

Mum: You are right, you’d better go if you don’t want your head to get even worse.


What do the words in blue have in common?

What do the words in green have in common?

The answers are in  step 3.


Have you finished? Then you can move on to step 2.