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Level 6 (CEFR A2+)

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  1. Lesson 1 | Writing an Informal Email or Letter
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  5. Lesson 5 | You’d better go and see your G.P.
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  6. Lesson 6 | Let’s watch a film
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  7. Lesson 7 | Writing a review
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  8. Lesson 8 | What would you do?
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  9. Lesson 9 | Expressing Movement
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Lección 9, Tema 1
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Lesson 9 – Step 1 – Reading

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Let’s start the lesson with some reading. You can read it on your own or play the audio and follow along.

Once you have finished, you can go to the next step.


James’ grandfather goes out alone every Friday. James hired a private detective to learn where he goes.

James: So, tell me, where does my grandad go every Friday?

Detective: Well, he goes to many places…

James: What? Many places? Tell me, I want to know them all. He should be with me playing at home!

The detective took out her notebook and started reading.

Detective: At 3 o’clock when you were taking your nap he went out of the house very fast. After that he walked into an ice cream shop and had a very big ice cream.

James: No! He can’t eat ice cream! It is bad for his health!

Detective: At 3:45 he went towards the park and started walking up and down the steps 10 times. While he was going home, he went past a bakery. The smell was so nice that he ate 2 chocolate donuts.

James: Oh no! That’s a lot of sugar and fat!

Detective: after eating the donuts, he ran across the street and walked round the neighbourhood 5 times. I was exhausted after so much walking!

James: What did he do then?

Detective: He bought an ice cream.

James: Another ice cream!

Detective: Yes, but this time he ate it on the way back home, the long way back home: he went along the lake, through the tall grass of the field, over the bridge and then under the shade of the trees. So, now that you know, what are you going to do?

James: There is only one thing I can do… Go with him next time! I love chocolate and ice cream!


What do the words in blue have in common?

What do the words in green have in common?

The answers are in step 3.


Have you finished? Then you can move on to step 2.